Hello world!

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90 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Wolof Says:

    Hi Monkeyfilter!

  3. mct Says:

    Pretty much going to have to demand that you add more content here, if you want more traffic.

  4. Wolof Says:

    This is just how I like it!

  5. RalphTheDog Says:

    Not sure you’re quite grasping the concept of a blog here, Wolof…

  6. tracy Says:

    This is by far the best blog I have ever read, bar none.

  7. Wolof Says:

    “Blog” is the second ugliest word in the universe. “Blogosphere” is the ugliest. Take that, languagehat!

  8. mandyman Says:

    Wolfo, I am very disappointed in you.

  9. mandyman Says:

    ps–Check out my blog!!!

  10. Wolof Says:

    All the girls love my meatloaf.

  11. mandyman Says:

    It looks like meatloaf? Yikes!

  12. Wolof Says:

    I love you, mandyman, but whoring your blog out on this august space is just low.

  13. mandyman Says:

    Made you look, didn’t I?

  14. tracy Says:

    Nostril is actually the ugliest English word.

  15. Wolof Says:

    Hey, that’s a bit pointed, isn’t it?

  16. gomichild Says:


  17. Skrik Says:

    You want a bigger dick, mang?

    Click on my name!!!

    (What does “mang” mean?)

  18. S.L. Kay Sew Says:

    *votes for buttocks as the ugliest English word*

  19. tracy Says:


  20. mandyman Says:

    Duh, guys–it’s buttafuco!

  21. rory Says:

    wow, best blog experience ever. i agreed with everything you said, laughed with you, and shared your fleeting sadness on the ephemeral whatsits. thanks!

  22. Wolof Says:

    *weeps with gratitude*

  23. the_bone Says:

    Wow, even with no content Wolof’s blog still has more content than mandyman’s site! 🙂

  24. Wolof Says:

    Hey, comments are content too!

  25. the_bone Says:

    Nostril is actually the ugliest English word.

    Wrong. The correct answer is “moist.”

  26. mandyman Says:

    Some might say it’s kumquat.

  27. tracy Says:

    Oooh, moist is a good one.

    #2 says the ugliest English word is “bra”. He’s just biased.

  28. Wolof Says:

    Do you have an opinion? Leave one here, it’s free! What is the most motherfucking ugliest word in any language?

  29. RalphTheDog Says:

    Ugly words:


  30. Skrik Says:

    MoFi is DOWN!!!

  31. rory Says:

    phew, at least wolof’s wonderful blog is reliable!

    ugliest phrase in any language: “the bar is now closed”

  32. randomaction Says:


  33. randomaction Says:

    Note also Mr [yeah sounds like wolf, you must be well hard] Wolof this [self indulgent piss streak on a child’s bedrooms wall [right near the bed as well].] blog is now listed in my [really massive but underutilized] favorites folder and so may be visited [on blue moons and other important [though unlikely] occasions] regularly. So write more. Lisp much?

  34. fish tick Says:

    It’s a lovely shade of blue.

  35. mct Says:

    I vote for the term “anal dilator.” Really, just anal.

  36. RalphTheDog Says:

    I left my opinion someplace, but it does not seem to be here. Now, where did I put it?

  37. Wolof Says:

    Self-indulgent piss streak! So glad you could join in with your own little smear! I especially enjoyed the double square brackets.

  38. mandyman Says:

    I’m sorry, did you say something?

  39. Wolof Says:

    Yes, I did! This is My Blog, woman! I have the right to talk shit here!

    Also, fuck you, mainstream media assholes, you gutless fucks! Great things are happening in Iraq! Why don’t you have the balls to write about them? I heard someone repainted a schoolhouse, for instance. Why isn’t this in the news?

    Doesn’t anyone care?

  40. Wolof Says:


  41. Wolof Says:


  42. tracy Says:

    Everyone is busy watching $country Idol and arguing over whether the host is gay.

  43. Wolof Says:

    Mohammed Seaquest is queer as a coot! And yes, that is his real name!

  44. mandyman Says:

    And how would you know?

  45. Wolof Says:

    You do know we have an official position on awkward questions here?

    We roll up tight into a little ball and go “Sqeeeeee!”

  46. mandyman Says:

    I’m not asking about how your date went, you spaz.

  47. tracy Says:


    omg she said spaz — OMG *I* said spaz! Oh noes!

  48. Wolof Says:

    You said “spaz” in this temple of PC?

    I will devise an appropriate punishment.

  49. Wolof Says:

    A really spazzy one. For spazzers who say “spaz”.

  50. randomaction Says:

    This rocks. Rocks my world. Have some [free] square brackets. []

  51. randomaction Says:

    David Copperfield and two female assistants were robbed at gun point. David showed the assailants that his pockets were empty. Only they weren’t!!
    It was a trick!


    I would’ve posted this to monkeyfilter, only it’s shit. wolof.wordpress is where I shall send stuff not worthy of monkeyfilter. Unless there’s an objection. At last somewhere to post the crap! Hurray. [I won’t really.]

  52. rory Says:

    copperfield must be a really crappy magician if he couldn’t just make the gun(s) disappear.

  53. mandyman Says:

    Yawn. Is this all there is?

  54. Wolof Says:

    I’m afraid so, Peggy Lee. It’s what you make it.

  55. mandyman Says:

    Borecore, baby.

  56. Wolof Says:

    Let’s break out the booze and have a ball!

  57. mandyman Says:

    It takes two hands to hold my whopper.

  58. Wolof Says:

    I wonder how much of it I can eat?

  59. mct Says:

    *sneaks in, sees everyone asleep*

    *steals scotch*

    *cops a few feels*

  60. Wolof Says:

    *reminds mct that the security cameras here never sleep*

  61. Argh Says:

    You call this porn? This is not porn sir.

  62. Wolof Says:

    We can’t afford porn here, all we have is pirated games out the back.

  63. mandyman Says:

    Why don’t you get a job already?

  64. Wolof Says:

    What do you mean? This is my job!

  65. mandyman Says:

    You poor poor man.

  66. tracy Says:

    Hello? (lo?) (lo?)

    Anyone here? (ere?) (ere?)

  67. Wolof Says:

    We never sleep.

  68. tracy Says:

    I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

    KILL. ME.

  69. tracy Says:

    Kid. Bronchitis. Ear infection. Ack.

  70. Wolof Says:

    I’m so sorry.

  71. rory Says:

    Glad to see that this magnificent effort continues. Yay for new media!

  72. Wwolof Says:

    It’s not me that got old. It’s the web.

  73. mandyman Says:

    It’s not a zero sum sorta thing, my friend.

  74. Wwolof Says:

    Yes, but it’s ver ver wearing administering this site.

  75. mclearskin Says:

    Yaw beri wax comme c’est pas possible! Man nax yaw!

  76. mclearskin Says:

    Pourquoi je suis en bleu, et tous les autres sont en noir chez toi.?

  77. Jangalekat Wolof Says:

    YOWE NGA BOUN BOREY! …I just thought I would inject some actual Wolof in here.

  78. Wolof Says:

    Et hop, l’action continue!

  79. mclearskin Says:

    Rof du yaqu jën.

    Hey wolof, j’ai commencé un dictionnaire de wolof, parce que dama sonnu de ne jamais avoir un dictionnaire sous la main. J’habite dans 3 continents. Pas possible d’acheter tout en trois exemplaires.

    Je comptais aussi sur toi pour m’aider, mais comme tu ne parles pas…

  80. mclearskin Says:

    Tell me something, make me laugh, give me some more power. The weather is so terrible today.

  81. mclearskin Says:

    I just got your message. Thank you very much.

  82. Wolof Says:

    *dreams of Pauline M*

  83. wolofi Says:


    Are you out there? How are you doing this spring?

  84. Wolof Says:


    It’s autumn where I am.


    • wolofi Says:

      Some years
      so long
      and cold
      This Winter.
      Why this?
      Wish you
      all the best.
      Hopefully is Lil’ Lady doing fine.

      Dama sonn. Maa ngi nelaw.

  85. Wolof Says:

    Hello, wolofi!

  86. Piano & Guitar Says:

    Long time no see.

  87. Wolof Says:

    How are you going?

  88. sierrasears66129 Says:

    sup urgh. cool site. thanks for the pub. i’ma go ahead and third kevjohn2006’s sentiments concerning mos def. peace peace. Come on http://tropaadet.dk/sierrasears66129081815

  89. wolofii Says:

    Mid November here. Dama liiw. How’s Little Piano doing?

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